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A Male Reader Speaks

In September 2008 I published an article which rejected the idea that Christian women need to downplay their looks in order to be holy. The following response was written by one of our male readers (who prefers to remain anonymous). His thoughts are being published with his permission. E arlier this year, in mid February, I visited a friend’s blog site, Reformed SHEology , and in my browsing through some of the titles from the past therein, happened upon one posting from September 2008 that particularly captured my notice, on the topic of physical beauty in women, and/or lack thereof (“ She's . . . but she sure can cook! ”). The piece had a lot of humor in it, and I had a few or more good laughs as I read, but really the subject matter was not meant to be, essentially, lighthearted or frivolous in nature at all. Approximately twenty-five years ago I was reading through Arnold Dallimore’s two-volume Life of George Whitefield . Something I read way back then, from the chapter in