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There are only two kinds of people that God created: men and women. This site is dedicated to women encouraging women encouraging men. The mission of Reformed SHEology is to celebrate the differences between men and women and to enhance interpersonal relationships between all people, to the glory of God. This mission is accomplished by focusing on the practical application of Reformed Theology to everyday interpersonal relationships, and preaching the gospel to others and ourselves.

STATEMENT OF FAITH Our complete statement of faith corresponds to the Revive Our Hearts True Woman Manifesto.

WE ARE REFORMED. We embrace the Doctrines of Grace, commonly associated with the acronym, TULIP. We believe in the restoration of biblical precepts, especially those retaining the principles of belief in the total sovereignty of God, predestination, supreme authority of scripture over men, and the doctrines of grace alone, through faith. A restoration of biblical precepts is continual. We are in constant need of turning to God's way and shedding our own preconceived notions as to what He has sovereignly decreed. Therefore, we are semper reformanda, always reforming, pursuing truth and not traditions.

WE ARE COMPLEMENTARIAN. We believe that men and women are equal in value to God but different in role and function.

WE ARE EVANGELISTIC. We believe that Christ commanded us to preach the gospel to every creature - including ourselves. Proper evangelism requires a verbal communication of the gospel message, and not just living by example. Proper evangelism requires that we communicate God's nature accurately as both loving and just.

Q: How did you come up with the title? A: The rationale behind Reformed SHEology is a renewing of the mind (Romans 12:2) through the combining of two terms: REFORMED and SHEOLOGY. Reformed: In addition to its doctrinal meaning, the word reformed implies a turning away from a bad state to a previous good state, and a rearrangement which brings about a better order of things. Sheology: a catch-phrase from the feminist movement. It has also been associated with various pagan belief systems which encourage the worship of goddesses and other female deities. It signifies the rejection of not only the authority of the masculine role, but also the beauty and sanctity of true femininity. Thus, sheology is a rebellion against the perfect order of God's design for both women and men. Combining these two terms implies a change in one's thought patterns regarding the popular ideologies concerning women in a post-feminist era, toward a more biblical, God-glorifying appreciation for all things He has sovereignly declared feminine.

Q: Why is the "SHE" capitalized? A: The "SHE" is capitalized in the title to make the word she stand out instead of sheol.

Q: How did this site get started? A: This site began as an expression of repentance. After becoming extremely angry with a brother in Christ, I (Jennifer) realized that God was going to hold me accountable for my reaction to this brother, yet I was unable to repent on my own. After several months of marinating in pride and anger, I was asked to deliver a presentation on biblical femininity to a group of women. I knew I was the worst person for the job because my heart was far from biblical or feminine, nevertheless, I agreed to do it. It was through my research for this presentation I became aware of what it really means to submit to God. I repented of my rebellion and began to live a life that was more pleasing to God. My passion for this topic outgrew the allotted time I had to present my material, so I decided to start a blog to continue sharing all I've learned through my experiences.

Q: How did Geraldine come to work on this project? A: Geraldine and I met in May of 2006 in New York City for an Evangelism Boot Camp sponsored by The Great News Network. In November 2007, I had asked for some blogging advice from a friend who suggested I try to find another woman to blog with. I decided to pray that God would send me the perfect co-blogger. I specifically asked for someone who was reformed, married, passionate about biblical femininity, and a mother. About two months later, Geraldine had stumbled across the site and appeared to have a marked enthusiasm about it. I prayed and asked her if she would like to be a contributor. She prayed and accepted the offer. We are now simply looking to God for how He would have us shape this site for His glory.

Q: Do people ever joke around and refer to you as a "SHEologist?" A: They do, and we like to joke back by telling them we much prefer the term "SHEologian".


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