Mother's Day

As Mother's Day approaches I am pretty sure that the world (system) will be taking this opportunity to market products, such as cards, to increase their sales. For some it will be a happy time to give and receive. It will be a time to celebrate motherhood and all the joys of having a mother and being one. But for some, Mother's Day will be just another painful reminder. To those without a mother, a painful childhood, a woman longing for a child, and those whose mothers are living many miles away, to those who are fortunate enough to give to a mother (figure) in their lives, reflect on not only what that person has done, the influence they’ve had in your life, but also on God's grace for giving you such a blessing. Give God the glory also when you are giving thanks and celebrating the mother (figure) in your life.

To those whose Mother's Day will perhaps be a difficult time, there are ways in which a time of sadness can be turned into joy, whoever you are. First, I would like to share a testimony at this point, in the hope it will, perhaps, identify with someone reading this post.

After meeting and marrying my wonderful husband, we were blessed with children. After my first was born my husband went into work, very often 24 hour shifts. I felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of work and energy such a little person takes. At times many could just ask their parents (often mothers) for some help and to share in not the work only but also the joys. I couldn’t. My parents lived many miles away. By the time my next two little blessings arrived my parents had moved abroad. We’d be lucky to see them twice a year. Many times I would find myself surrounded by new mums in the church with their mothers helping with the little ones. The most what would seem like insignificant things such as the mums holding their grandchild, change his/her nappy or even sharing a moment of joy, would cause in me pangs of pain and sadness. There was a time when those in the church really hurt me, not caring if I even had a family to turn to. But in all of it I believe I was able to turn to God in times others wouldn’t have. Very recently, crying on my pillow at night, I felt the Lord saying “ok, now you have let go of your idols (see last post), I am showing you that you must let go of your parents also”. What, you should think, would have been a very difficult thing to do, was actually like a burden lifted from me. It was time to move forward with God and allow Him to draw me into a closer relationship with the Lord and that I may be enabled to grow. It’s taken a few years to get here but so many other things had to be dealt with first.

Before closing the testimony here, I would like to add that from the moment I got married and started a family God put into my life another mother figure . . . a spiritual mother. Not only is she a spiritual mother but she is also a mother and grandmother (again this week) herself. Therefore she has been able to impart a mother's wisdom as well as spiritual counsel.

Going back to those who are perhaps without a mother or even trying for a child, whatever makes this a difficult time for you, there are things you could do to bring joy to others and glory to God, thus turn it around to become a time of blessing for yourselves. Is there a child that you know God has laid on your heart? What about one you don’t even know but saw in the papers/news? A child doesn’t even have to have an age limit to be someone else's child. What about someone on the streets? That was someone’s baby once. Do you know someone God has laid on your heart? Commit them to prayer this Mother's Day (and longer perhaps). Pray for ways you can be a blessing.

What about families struggling to cope? Single parents, perhaps even without families themselves? How could you show forth the person of Jesus in their lives?
On my street there is a young girl God has laid on my heart. She’s been out on the streets till late every night since she was 2. She is now 4, my little girl's age. Very often we have her over for tea or over to play with my children in the garden. This keeps her off the streets. She craves hugs and we often read to her the Bible and tell her Bible stories. She now (as with other children on the estate) talks to us about Jesus and we can pray with. These, I am told, are little seeds we sow into others’ lives. I pray for a harvest one day.

If there are some reading this post who are struggling, remember, the church is God's family and many members in this family have a gift and a calling in their lives to help and support those who need it. This is love in action and if at this time you need some of that love shown in your life then make contact with someone today. There are many wonderful women’s ministries today, some of which are linked to here

May you all have a very blessed and Happy Mother's Day.


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