Episode 30

Last night I had the privilege of being on the Reformed Think Tank, a new BlogTalk Radio Show from the Two Reformed Brothers Network. The topic was "Evangelistic Balance in Church and Conflict." In a nutshell, I wanted to share with others how God had used my experiences in street evangelism to help me manage conflict with other Christians in the Church. For those of you who missed the show, it is still available by clicking here. We mentioned some recommended reading on the air, so I wanted to post those recommended titles, along with some other resources, below for your reference:

The Peacemaker, by Ken Sande
The Gospel for Real Life, by Jerry Bridges
Relationships: A Mess Worth Making, by Paul Tripp and Tim Lane

Discover the Word Series on Rebuke: (Audios approx. 12 minutes each.)
Discover the Word Part I
Discover the Word Part II
Discover the Word Part III

Overall, I think the show went well. I didn't think I'd have too much to share, but the show turned out to be two hours long, and the after show was an additional hour. I am surprised that even the following day I am thinking of some points I forgot to make! I was especially blessed to have Loretta and Steve call in and share their hearts with us. And I think the funniest point during the show for me was (90:30 - 92:00) when Paul Kaiser cautioned Officer Dan and Chosen Clay to behave themselves because there was "a lady" on the phone. I thought Paul meant that a woman caller was on the line. I didn't realize he was talking about me!

If anyone has any additional questions about this topic, please feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!


Anonymous said…
Jennifer, had a chance to download the podcast and listen to it today at work and I thought it was a blessing. I thought you guys had some really strong arguments and that the show generally went very well. Interestingly, you didn't sound nervous at all, you sounded as if you've been on the show for years now. Time was not wasted listening to that podcast, it was fruitful!

Many blessings,

Jennifer said…
Roger thank you for the encouragement! You are a blessing and I so appreciate your support of everything I have been working on. God has truly amazed me with the lessons He's taught me through my disappointments and conflicts with others. I just can't keep from speaking about what I have seen and heard! Praise God!
Geraldine said…
Glory to God! Great show! Jen, your point about Matthew 18 is such a good one. Especially regarding anoyone outside your sphere of influence.Also how we cannot convince anoyone regarding anything especially our opinons, that is God's job.
I'd love to elaborate more later, i copied loads of what you were saying down because you made some very good points!!!
Also i thank God for the show. It was sooo edifying and funny at the same time!!!

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