So You Want to Help People!

My all-time favorite episode of The Twilight Zone is called, "The Obsolete Man." In this story, Burgess Meredith stars as a man on trial for his belief in God - a crime punishable by death in a futuristic society that has declared God "obsolete." If you have the time, I highly recommend you spend thirty minutes watching this episode. It is nothing short of riveting! There are several lines throughout this short little screenplay that send chills down my spine. One of them in particular is in the beginning, when the Chancellor boldly declares, "THE STATE HAS PROVEN THAT THERE IS NO GOD!"

Most Christians who are familiar with the fate of the earth can see the parallels between this sci-fi story and end-times prophecy. But we never have to worry that God will be declared "obsolete." This would only frustrate Satan's plan. He needs people to keep believing in the concept of God, because one day, the antiChrist will blaspheme the true God and demand that all worship him instead. Until that day comes, he is preparing by slowly pulling focus off the church and placing it onto the "state." How do I know this? Believe it or not, I learned this in graduate school!

After earning my B.A. in Theatre Arts, I wanted to do something meaningful, so I decided to study social work. One of the courses I took in my graduate social work program included a detailed history of the social work profession. It is common knowledge that social work is a fairly modern profession which has its roots in Christian charity. Up until the 19th Century, charitable acts were the handiwork of the Church. But by the early 20th Century, the movement was defending itself as an official profession, complete with services provided to individuals in need that would warrant changes in social policy if they were to be truly effective.

But what, pray tell, could the church do in order to lobby for social policy? After all, there was that little problem of "separation of church and state." The only solution was to declare social work as a legitimate, secular profession. This way, the profession could receive funding from the government, instead of relying on the tithes and offerings of church laypeople, as the church had done in the past.

So all those nice programs the government has set up (such as TANF) are designed by men to "help" people. But spiritually speaking, they are really designed by the enemy to suck the momentum out of the church. Sound crazy? Perhaps, but it's working! How many people do you know look to the church when they are in need? God has ordered the Church to take care of orphans and widows. But in this current chapter of human history, who is taking care of orphans and widows? The STATE. (In 1935, most of the single-mother beneficiaries of welfare were widows; by 1988, most of these women with children were either unmarried or divorced.) And thus, the natural, God-ordained female tendency toward "helping" was instrumental in setting the stage for the government to become a savior to the people.

People are looking en masse to the state to fulfill their needs. They are looking to the state to be their savior. Hard times? No problem. Uncle Sam will give us all economic stimulus checks. If we are good and continue to pay our taxes, the State will educate our children for free! What's that? Healthcare is too expensive? Well then the solution is to lobby for socialized medicine! This way we can be rid of all those nasty HMO's and have our medical needs covered by the tithe - I mean taxes - that we pay to the state.

"Separation of Church and State" was never meant to protect the State from the Church. On the contrary, it was the other way around. The government is not to meddle in the affairs of the church. But the enemy has skillfully twisted this phrase in order to increase power to the state. The church can offer outreaches, but it is no match for a government which creates competing programs that are backed by billions of dollars in funding. If this continues, the charitable acts of the Church in America will become obsolete, (if they haven't already).

And how did we get into this predicament? It was Jane Addams and others that founded Hull House in Chicago, Illinois who lobbied for the secularization of charitable acts. And thus the social work profession began. What would propel Jane Addams to take on such a noble endeavor?

Simple. She wanted to help people.

Today, the social work profession is dominated by females. Ask any of them, "Why did you want to become a social worker?" Their answer will undoubtedly contain the phrase, "Because I wanted to help people." (I can attest that was my reason for becoming a social worker.) Every day, social workers are "helping" people get connected to resources that our loving government has so generously offered to all who are in need. The crafty serpent had targeted women yet again to accomplish his goals. And thus, the natural, God-ordained female tendency toward helping was instrumental in setting the stage for the government to become a savior to the people.

Fascinating, isn't it?


That IS fascinating! I studied social work for a while in univ. too, but got out due to the way the paperwork and "red tape" interfered with "helping people". Maybe my subconscious spirit was tipped off. I recently read the young girls' book (name escapes me at the moment - "So Much More"?), showing this same device of evil to use women to lead men away - again - from what they know is right. I am impressed with your reasoning here. And looking forward to the Twilight Zone ep. too!
Jennifer said…
Lisa, you will LOVE that episode. Also, it wasn't until I saw Focus on the Family's "Truth Project" that I really understood how everything is slowly being pulled into the grand scheme of things. You might like the Truth Project, but it is very, very hard to come by. I think only approved individuals are granted access to it (such as a pastor -- I saw it through my church). For more info, go to
Thank you! Continued blessings...
Jennifer said…
Check out this comment I just read in one of my online classes:

Money needs to be spent not just on education, but on counseling and not guidance counseling, but MSW's and on parenting. Yes, I am proposing that the school become the hub of the community and an avenue for social welfare to address the ills of society.

Here is a perfect example of someone looking to the state to fulfill the needs of children and society as a whole. The author of this comment works for California public schools and this was part of his response to a homework question we were recently given. It amazes me how a state that has done everything to destroy the church and take on its role as provider to the people cannot see that by doing so they have shot themselves in the foot.

Oh, and P.S., when commenting on how parents are non-existent and children come to school hungry and feeling unloved, he lamented that California teachers are expected to teach children who won't be able to learn anything in such a condition anyway, citing Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs.

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