True Woman 08

This past weekend was the first ever Revive Our Hearts' True Woman Conference held in Schaumburg, Illinois. The conference drew over 6,300 women and was simultaneously streamed via webcast to over 3,000 internet connections!

After returning from the conference for two days, I still do not have words to express or describe what the experience was like. The speakers were so powerful I am still digesting what I took in. However, if I review my notes, I can definitely see several points that were applicable to our ministry here at Reformed SHEology and so I'd like to share them with you:

1) "Wimpy theology makes wimpy women" - John Piper. This is so true! Bad theology has indeed had a profound effect on women. Either we reject the Bible and embrace femininity, or we reject the Bible and embrace legalism.

2) "In every situation, God is always doing a thousand different things that you cannot see and you do not know" - John Piper. This is encouraging in light of the times when we are called to obey or submit and it doesn't seem as though our efforts to honor God are really making a difference.

3) "A true woman says, Yes, Lord" - Nancy Leigh DeMoss. This is a helpful reminder for those times when we are tempted to do our own will. A true woman of God will say yes to God by saying no to other things.

4) "Stop listening to yourself and start talking to yourself" - Karen Lorritts. This is a modified version of the popular phrase, "Preach the gospel to yourself." When we are tempted to allow the enemy to fill our heads with lies, we listen to those lies. The cure for this is to stop listening, and start talking -- tell yourself out loud the great things God has done.

5) "The opposite of fear is love, not courage, because you expend yourself and serve others in spite of your fear" - Carolyn McCulley. I thought this was extremely apropos in light of my own personal testimony concerning my singleness. If you are unfamiliar with my story, you can review this post or just stay tuned for next month's theme, "Testimony."

6) "A home is a mission field, not a place to be decorated" - Carolyn McCulley. This statement also echoes much of what we feel about womanhood, as illustrated in this entry.

7) "We are in a battle" - Nancy Leigh DeMoss. This is the one truth that serves as the sole purpose of our blog. We are in a battle to protect and preserve the holy design ordained by God which is under attack by the institution of feminism.

One of the most interesting parts of the entire weekend was learning that in 1977, a federally funded feminist "consciousness raising" conference was held in the Chicago area! The event drew only 200 women, but it changed the face of feminine thought throughout our society as each woman pledged to tell just two friends about what she had learned. Now, 21 years later, over 6,300 women attended the Revive Our Hearts event in an effort to take back what the enemy has stolen. The conference ended with an inspiring ceremony as the True Woman Manifesto was read aloud and signed by all the attendees. If you'd like to read or sign the Manifesto, click here. We have also adopted the True Woman Manifesto as the official Reformed SHEology Statement of Faith, and have modified our "About This Site" page to include this information.

The entire conference was wildly successful and should Revive Our Hearts host True Woman events on a regular (perhaps annual) basis, I would highly recommend you do everything in your power to get there. If you would like a taste of what we experienced this weekend, you can visit the True Woman website for additional resources and information regarding the True Woman movement. Also, I highly recommend the following three messages which I personally thought were the most powerful. They are now available for download:

Session 3: Mary Kassian
Session 5: Janet Parshall
Session 8: Nancy Leigh DeMoss

You can listen to these messages by clicking here.

I would also like to extend a friendly welcome and hello to Ellen from Illinois, Anna from Nebraska, and Maryann from Texas -- three ladies with whom I had the pleasure of sharing brief conversation at various intervals. I'd like to say a special thank you to Maryann, whose testimony about leading her father to Christ after praying for 20 years blessed me tremendously!


Anonymous said…
Jennifer, I am so very, very glad that you were able to go to this conference!! I would have loved to go too, but I certainly look forward to listening to all the recordings (and reading through the True Woman Manifesto)!!

With love,
Moon said…
Jen!!! while I didn't get to go the Lord provided a way for me to watch the conference right here from my home! What a blessing! I missed out on friday and some parts on saturday but I did get to watch the last 2 hours of the conference and will definitely be downloading the audios from the conference. I do hope they make it at least an annual thing so that I may have a chance to go and enjoy both the fellowship, the teaching, the praying and the singing, if the Lord allows...

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