Eduardo Verastegui's Most Noble Moment

Eduardo Verastegui is one of the most physically attractive men to ever be captured on film. Known to millions as "The Mexican Brad Pitt," Verastegui had it all. He began his career at age 18 as a model and also a singer for a boy band in Mexico. He soon starred in a series of novelas (Spanish soap operas) and then finally hit the big screen in 2003 as a triple-timing playboy in Chasing Papi. His star was on the rise. But Eduardo Verastegui was empty.

Today, Eduardo Verastegui is a changed man. He no longer works as a model and refuses to participate in any projects he feels are "offensive to God." Today, Verastegui is one of the leading celebrity spokesmen against the abortion industry. In this touching video, he tells of his first experience at an abortion clinic. (Warning: The first 60 seconds of this video contain mild sensual images of Verastegui during his early career.)

What would make a man like Eduardo Verastegui, who had the whole world at his feet, give up everything to save the unborn? In the following interview from The 700 Club, Verastegui explains without sugar-coating, and without watering down his conversion experience, his faith in Jesus Christ. (We especially like what he had to say regarding biblical masculinity and femininity:)

Truly, this is a changed man! We hope this story inspires you to seek God in 2009 and rejoice as He answers your prayer for change through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ!

Please note: Eduardo Verastegui is a devout Catholic. Both Jennifer and Geraldine of Reformed SHEology sharply disagre with Catholic doctrine, however, we truly believe that Eduardo Verastegui is a soundly saved, born again believer in Jesus Christ. Reformed SHEology's mission statement calls for women to encourage men, not tear them down. We disagree with Catholic doctrine but embrace Verastegui as our brother in Christ based upon his testimony of conversion and evidences of repentance in his life. Any comments from our readers with regard to his Catholic affiliation may or may not be published at our discretion. Thank you for respecting our desire and our Lord's desire toward unity within the body of Christ.


Anonymous said…
Wow! praise God! An amazing testimony. I thank God for His faithfulness, and for the faithfulness of his servant. How many of us have totally surrendered all to Jesus?

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