Another Modest Proposal

As a high school student you may have read Jonathan Swift's classic work of satire, A Modest Proposal, in which he suggested that the solution to ending poverty in Ireland was cannibalism. In his article, Swift proposes several benefits to society that would result if the poor would simply sell their children as meat to rich landowners. By placing children on the meat market, Ireland would combat social problems that contributed to poverty, such as overpopulation and unemployment. The sale of children would relieve the poor of the financial burden that comes with raising children while simultaneously providing them with a source of extra income. Naturally, the entire essay is intended to prove a point. Swift used the piece as a means of expressing his contempt for the British government which he deemed responsible for Ireland's predicament. The title itself is ironic in that his proposal is far from what one would call "modest." Yet, the entire essay reminds me of a similar but more recent scenario.

Since July of 2008, both local and national news stations alike have been closely following the case of Casey Anthony, the 22-year-old Orlando woman accused of killing her 2 year old daughter, Caylee. (For details on the case, including a timeline of events, click here.) Camera crews captured many of the locals who made it a regular practice to scream and yell accusations while standing at the edge of the Anthony property. The most frequent insult coming from the angry crowds was, "BABY KILLER!"

Watching the drama unfold night after night in front of the Anthony home was almost like watching a modern day witch hunt. It's not that I don't believe Casey is guilty. I believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that she killed her little girl. But what struck me was the dedication by which some of these people came out to proclaim their anger with this woman. It just didn't make any sense to me. Why would people be so angry with Casey Anthony? All she did was kill a child!

For the past 35 years, women have been killing their children by the millions through legalized abortion. No one is standing across the street from their homes, yelling, "Baby Killer!" Truly, the only thing separating Casey Anthony from all these other women is the age of the child when it was murdered. Had Casey Anthony simply aborted little Caylee when she was still pregnant, none of this would be an issue.

It just seems unfair, that poor Casey Anthony is sitting in prison right now, singled out for exercising her right to choose. But because of the age of the child at the time of the abortion, her choice is viewed as a crime. Does not anyone see what a crime has been committed against Casey? Does not anyone realize that we are discriminating against this young woman, simply because she chose to abort her baby after it had been born?

In considering this terrible injustice to a woman who is merely trying to exercise her right to choose, I have been inspired by Jonathan Swift to offer yet Another Modest Proposal, that being, that we legalize the performance of abortions on dependent children up to 16 years. Think of all the social problems we could resolve if we continued to abort children well into the third trimester, and even well into the third grade!

As Swift suggested in 1729, the consumption of children would eliminate poverty, control overpopulation, and alleviate unemployment concerns. Today, the same results could be achieved through legalized abortion. Between 1973 and 2005, an estimated 45 million children were murdered by abortion. Had those children been allowed to live, they'd be between the ages of 3 and 36 this year. I for one am grateful that these children were exterminated when they were, in light of the international economic crisis we are now facing. The right to choose has eliminated several million competitors within the job market, which is beneficial to us at a time when unemployment is at its peak. In the state of Florida, where Caylee Anthony was exterminated, there is a growing shortage of public schoolteachers. The abortions that were performed within the last three years alone have undoubtedly alleviated the pressure to accommodate these children in already over-crowded classrooms. Surely, thousands of dollars in federal financial aid have been spared as well, as none of these children will be going to college.

If we legalize abortion up to 16 years, we will essentially be eliminating all those in our country who are basically free-loading off hard working, productive adults. Adults like Casey Anthony, who can barely get anything accomplished, let alone have a little fun once in a while, because they are burdened with a needy child. Welfare would be greatly reduced, as single mothers would not have to stretch their monthly funds to cover the cost of raising these children. Finally, by allowing a woman to abort a child up to 16 years, the state of Florida itself would be saving millions of dollars because it would no longer have to pay to keep Casey Anthony in jail, as killing a two-year-old would no longer be considered a crime. The "search for Caylee" that cost us thousands would likewise never have occurred, because Casey would have been free to kill her child openly. She would not have had to go through all the trouble to mask her actions and hide her decision as if it were something to be ashamed of.

I realize others have tried similar attempts at population control by eliminating "undesirables" in society, however these previous attempts were not well received. The genius of Adolf Hitler, for example, is still sadly misunderstood decades after his tragic death. However, as a woman who writes a women's blog, I'd like to humbly request that my readers seriously consider this modest proposal, as it promises to open countless doors of opportunities for women everywhere. In closing, I'd like to say one final thing, in case it was not painfully obvious:


I admit I'm no Jonathan Swift. But I'm no Hitler, either! Therefore, I have an alternate plan, and that is this:

He who is without sin, cast the first stone. The reason we love to hate Casey Anthony is because we love to compare ourselves to her. She makes the rest of us look like perfect little angels. Yet who among us is innocent before God? Which of us can say we have never murdered someone in our hearts out of hatred? Which of us can say we've never committed an act of malice out of pure, unadulterated selfishness? Truly, all of us are depraved. Deep down, we are no different than Casey Anthony.


Anonymous said…
I was actually wondering yesterday what you thought of this Jen, since you also live in Orlando. Have you or your team gone to preach to the crowds in front of the Anthony home? Maybe use Matthew 5:21-22. ;-)

But with regards to your proposal, I regret to inform you of one downside to the removal of so many undesirable of the species: eventually, they will become taxpayers, and (hopefully) would help pay off the national debt.
Anonymous said…
modern society is in such hypocrisy... what this woman did is terrible but most of those people who hate her now are pro choice and scream also on those who are against abortion...
Kurt Michaelson said…
This one was tough to read Jen and the way you led me through this really provoked my thinking.

It is quite hypocritical of people to call Casey Anthony a murderer, yet when if asked if a woman should have the right to choose to have an abortion, they would say yes, but that's not the same as what Casey did they would also add.

Great post Jen. :-)
Jennifer said…
Kurt, this one was really hard to write because I had a fear of offending readers who may have had an abortion. But in the end, I hope I made it clear that even though I have already made up my mind that this woman is guilty, I can't cast stones. One thing that really gets me is her incredible flair for telling lies. It is so, so, so, so easy to shake my head in disgust, but I have told plenty of lies in my lifetime as well! And it is so, so, so, so difficult not to want to compare myself as being "not as bad" as she is.

Chris, I never went to the house. It is on the other side of town but it was also the scene of a three-ring circus and eventually police had to declare it off limits because so many were disturbing the peace in that neighborhood. While this is so scandalous, you cannot help but feel compassion for the grandparents, particularly George Anthony, who recently threatened to kill himself. My own parents have remarked that they would not know what to do, think, or feel if they were in this position. It really is a terrible thing and certainly demonstrates why eternal life is so very costly.
WhiteStone said…
Wow! I had to force myself to read this post, even knowing your point ahead of time. I find it incredible that those who approve of abortion would disapprove and probably legislate against aborting kittens and puppies.
I think it was pretty well written and "reasoned out", if we follow the reasoning you're talking about here. I appreciate your disclaimer at the end, and I am glad you included it. It is "hard" to love sometimes, but Love isn't a feeling.
SlowBro said…
"The reason we love to hate Casey Anthony is because we love to compare ourselves to her. She makes the rest of us look like perfect little angels."

WhiteStone said…
I hope you do not mind that I've put a link to this post on my blog today.

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