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Curiosity may have attracted you to this post for the title alone. I acknowledge that it is a title which, on the surface, may appear to disagree with our mission statement. However, in the interest of returning to our original intent for this blog, as outlined in that mission statement, I feel this is an important topic to address. Specifically, I am going to begin a series of posts to address some of the things that men do to upset women and cause them to stumble.

I first discussed this idea with Geraldine well over a year ago. It has been on my heart to address some of these issues because this blog began when a man behaved badly toward me. Part of the repentance process for me was to create this blog in an effort to channel my anger into something positive. I wanted to prevent further conflict between men and women by promoting greater understanding between the sexes. However, when I first came up with the idea for this series, I wasn't confident that I could write from a pure heart. I was still harboring some unforgiveness toward the man whose actions inspired this blog, and I was afraid some of it would come through in my writing.

I decided to hold off until I could write from a pure heart. I know I can not address this subject with a snarky attitude, and let's face it, I have been known to suffer from Snarkolepsy. For me to approach this subject with a bad attitude would undermine the entire purpose of this blog's existence. On the other hand, to continue ignoring the subject would rob this blog of a series of powerful discussions that would propel it toward its very goal of encouraging women to encourage men.

This series is designed not to bash men, but to help men understand where they may be harboring some unholy tendencies which hurt the women around them.The time has come. I am confident that I can approach this topic this year with a clean and pure heart. God has changed me through this blog. He has given me the ability to denounce male-bashing and to embrace masculinity for what it truly is: a blessing to women everywhere. I am truly grateful for the beautiful, godly men that The Lord has placed in my life and there is nothing I desire more than to see men and women working together to bridge the gap between our differences so that we can grow together in Christian unity. Part of this process is to have an open, honest dialogue about sin. This series is designed not to bash men, but to edify them. It is designed to help men understand where they may be harboring some unholy tendencies which hurt the women around them. My desire is to do what I can to help men understand how they can better serve the women in their lives through self-examination and repentance.

For those of you who are new to this blog, I would like to stress that this is the first time ever we will be addressing male shortcomings. We do not make it our practice to focus on male flaws. Since this blog's inception, we have only focused on female shortcomings. This is because our primary goal is to encourage women to be better women. We have not addressed male shortcomings because the Bible tells us to take the log out of our own eyes so we can see clearly before attempting to remove a speck in someone else's. That being said, I want to make it clear that this blog is devoted to removing the logs from the eyes of women. In contrast, this series is devoted to removing the specks in the eyes of men.

This introductory post will be the only one that is filed under "Men/Masculinity." All subsequent posts in this series will be located under the "Conflict" label. Again, this is to keep this discussion in its proper context. "Men Behaving Badly" is not an appropriate discussion for the celebration of the beautiful mystery that is masculinity. We want to communicate that "Men Behaving Badly" is the exception rather than the rule. Male shortcomings do not define masculinity, rather, male shortcomings define conflict (as do female shortcomings).

It is my prayer that whether you are a man or a woman, that you will be blessed by some of the discussion to follow in the next few weeks or so. Men, I would ask that you read with an open heart to see if perhaps you see yourselves in any of the descriptions, and to ask The Lord to change you in those areas. Women, I ask that you pray for the men in your lives who may be weak in these areas, that you would be patient with their sanctification process, and that you will be forgiving toward them when they stumble. Let us not accuse one another any longer. Let us instead love one another, for the Bible tells us that the world will know we belong to Him if we love one another.


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