The Very Same Moon and Stars

Spring here in the North West of England has so far been quite beautiful. Glorious in fact! But as I sit and write today's post it is freezing cold outside, windy with the occasional snowfall. The UK is known for its temperamental weather and constant rain but without it we would not have such a beautiful green land. I love it! In fact as I shared in a previous post I have always felt God speak to me through creation. Somehow it just makes me feel closer to Him.

My friends and family know how silly I get when I see the moon, a rainbow or just some particular stunning scenery. I'm like a child seeing it for the first time. As I was reading some quotes from Amy Carmichael I was struck by how many times she expressed in such a poetic way my very thoughts. I would like to share them here in the hope of blessing others.

Many travel to Israel to see the very places Jesus and His disciples walked. Mainly I suppose to enrich their faith. But you don't have to leave your front door to do this. Let me share one of those Amy Carmichael quotes:

When I was a little child I used to wish I could touch something that our Lord Jesus touched, or see something that He saw. Then suddenly to my delight I thought, But I can see something that He saw. He saw the very same moon and stars that I see. And I used to look at the moon and think, He saw you, He saw those funny marks in your face we call the man in the moon. He looked up to you just as I look up at you tonight.

I had a similar "revelation" only a couple of weeks ago when I came across a scripture verse in Genesis:

And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth. (Gen. 3:16, Italics mine)

As I read "and I will look upon it", I realized that every time I see the rainbow and get excited about it, My heavenly Father, who put it there in the first place, is at the same time looking upon it and thinking of us. This thought just overwhelms me.

Then there are those special moments at night just as you go to bed. You have put on your pj's and brushed your teeth and are about to go to bed when you glance out the window and it almost takes your breath away . . . the moon is out, the sky is clear. It is a particularly beautiful night. At times like this I stand in awe of God and say a prayer of thanks unable to move for the next 5 minutes as I try to take it all in. I used to want to take a photo of nights like these but it just wouldn't do it any justice. Again Amy captures my thoughts perfectly in a quote that really moved me:

Night in the East
Who can forget the first nights in the East? There is the night of velvet depths when the stars burn in ordered distances, one beyond the other for ever and ever. And there is the night when the sky, lit with a little moon, is asleep in gauzy blue and the constellations appear in bright groups; and again there are full-moon nights, when every color of the earth shows clear (only most strangely holy) and you feel it ungrateful to go to sleep while the very trees stand awake and conscious and worshipful.

And you feel it ungrateful to go to sleep. That's me! Many a late night I have had because of this! Times where I have been feeling down or particularly tested and only had to take a look at the night sky and instantly my problems fade and my thoughts turn to God. All I want to do is praise Him and give thanks! Thank you Heavenly Father for the wonderful works of Your hands!

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. (Psalm 19:1)


Betsy Markman said…
Oh yes, I have the same thoughts about looking at the moon. Adam and Eve, Moses, David, Solomon, the Apostle Paul...all of them looked at that same moon, and it shone down on them in return. It reminds me of the constancy of God, because it does not vary in its faithful orbits. And it reminds me of the fleeting nature of life's problems.
Unknown said…
Lovely Geraldine. I feel the same when I see a rainbow and Psalm 119 I committed to memory and even added because I was giddy to participate in this recorded praise(seeing as I being human are part of the crown of creation), So when I recite it to the Lord I say, "the heavens are telling of your glory and the sky is proclaiming the works of your hands, and SO DO I NOW STAND ALSO TO PROCLAIM AND DISPLAY YOUR MARVELOUS HANDIWORK." --Last part mine!

Those quotes were tender and endearing!
Tom Gabbard said…
A wonderful observation. I was thinking in a similar vein this week, in particular, with regards to the apostles, and how that the moon that I was then looking at was looked upon by Peter, Paul and the others who had walked, and been instructed by the Lord. It is indeed, quite an inspiring realization!

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