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"I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decketh himself with ornaments, and as a bride adorneth herself with her jewels." Isa. 61:10

For some time now I have had on my heart many things I wanted to share and write about. I feel sorry for Jen, founder of this blog because I keep telling her of the things which I would love to write about but then something else happens and it’s put on hold! As I press on to know the Lord more my hunger for His Word increases and I could quite happily spend a whole day in His presence. But then life happens and when your routine is interrupted you learn to appreciate those quite times with Him.

...we need Gods grace for the good days and the bad days.Interrupted routine has made me so much more grateful for His grace and my salvation. I mean I began to beat myself up a little for not being able to have the same quality time with the Lord but then I saw the trap I was falling into… AGAIN! Works based righteousness. It’s like what Jerry Bridges says, we need Gods grace for the good days and the bad days. We think that on those bad days we don’t deserve His blessing when in reality we never had any righteousness of our own to please God. It is all because of our Lord Jesus Christ we are blessed, saved and sanctified and it is His righteousness not our own, therefore we are in need of Gods grace everyday, both the good days and bad. I thank God for His loving kindness and Grace.

Our walk with the Lord is as individual as a fingerprint. We all experience different things at different times and are at different stages of our growth in Christ. To my dismay and ignorance I found that because some people weren’t at the same level as I was I became judgemental. I didn’t know I was doing it but I was. A very pivotal point in my life was the moment God opened my eyes to that carnal side which would try to become holy by my own efforts. Since that day there have been so many changes. It was a real eye opener!!! I understand more what it is to abide in Christ and I have come to know Him more intimately. I truly thank God for that.

Since knowing God more intimately, having my eyes opened to the self life and our need for God’s grace, there has been a stronger desire to share this experience with others. I don’t want to be an armchair blog critic but to go out and make Christ known and blog about it, lol. Can we love when we have more of a relationship with a point of view than with the Lord Himself?
But in the blogging world I have found there to be so many critics. They know their theology inside out. They blog about it, arrange debates to debate about it, create forums exclusively for it, fellowship only with believers who hold to it, defend it wherever it is threatened with an opposing point of view and they fall out with their brothers and sisters over it. But when it comes to living it out they fall far short. They argue “We must defend truth!” But what is truth? Truth isn’t an it, Truth is a Person!

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John14:6

There is such a danger of putting our theology before God. Knowing our theology more intimately than the Lord and believing it is that theological interpretation that is the way, the truth and the life…the only way to the Father. But it is not the way. Jesus is the way! Can we love when we have more of a relationship with a point of view than with the Lord Himself? For many years as a babe in Christ I was so hungry to learn that I substituted relationship for knowledge. I remember many years ago now when reading books on the Lord thinking “Why don’t I feel that way about the Lord!”. They wrote like they knew Him so personally. Deep down I knew I didn’t know the Lord like I should. But God knows and brought me through many things to establish that relationship and grow to know Him intimately.

When it comes to a theological interpretation (Non essential I hasten to add yet that should be obvious!) why do we elevate Christian teachers to the point that we name drop them to show what we are writing is sound because so and so holds to it.....but isn’t there a very subtle tendency to elevate our own ego and pride? You bet!

The other day I followed a link to a blog and to my surprise, under the title there was a subtitle which went something like this “A view held by….. , …… & ….. . There were a couple of well known teachers and one not so well known. What did they mean by that? Are they saying that because these people hold this view it must be right? Then there is nowadays an increasing elevation on ones own name over the Lords. Today there is such a danger of elevating ones ministry and name online. Of course we desperately need to spread the gospel and the truth but isn’t there a very subtle tendency to elevate our own ego and pride? You bet! I have seen many out there who take pride in their own name to become the next Paul Washer. We must turn our eyes on ourselves now and then and question our motives!
What is the aim of our blog, website or for promoting our sermons and ministries online? Is it to spread the gospel and to make disciples or is it tainted with vain glory and self exaltation?

All these thoughts have been on my heart of late and I would be interested in your thoughts too. I’m sure …. No in fact I know there are many walking wounded because of pride and stubbornness in the online Christian community but we need to overcome them, forgive and pray for those who hurt us and live out the gospel as much online as we do out there in the world. May we shine as bright lights making Christ known everywhere!


Betsy Markman said…
Wow, sounds like the Lord is really working in your heart. Praise Him!

I'm much like you...tempted (and often guilty of succumbing to the temptation) to substitute facts about the Lord for a relationship with him. I remember when it first struck me that, no matter what I professed, my TRUE faith was in salvation by doctrinal perfection (which I believed I had achieved)!

Lately the Lord has been showing me another way that I've made knowledge into an idol. My blog-and-newsfeed-reading addiction comes from a belief that filling my head with enough facts will actually strengthen me to deal with life as it comes. Especially if I'm filling my head with the bad news of the day, like the increasing tyranny of our government. I'm safer if I know the bad news and steel myself against it, right?

No, I'm not. I'm safer if I rest in the Lord, learning to know Him better every day. Other information has its place, and I don't intend to live under a rock with regard to current events or theology. But I don't want to idolize such information any more, either. Knowledge is not power or safety in any ultimate sense. Christ is power and safety. I want to go back to His kindergarten and get the basics of His kingdom: righteousness, peace, joy in the Holy Spirit, the Fruit of the Spirit, the two greatest commandments...

Hopefully this will free up a lot of time to serve others, when it no longer feels necessary to feed my addiction in front of a screen!
Tom Gabbard said…
Geraldine, I think that you very ably summed it up......we are saturated with pride and our greatest battle is with our own innate desire to be right and to win the debate!
As Paul said, "Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth."
O' for more of Christ...O' for more charity!!
Jennifer said…
Geraldine, I have been thinking about this for a bit and I think Tom is right -- you have very ably summed it up. I have been thinking along the same lines lately. Maybe there's another post regarding this subject in the near future . . .

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