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With this month on Reformed SHEology focusing on 'Man and Masculinity' and today being fathers day it only seems appropriate to post an article focusing on fatherhood. But as i prayerfully contemplated on what to write it came to me that this post would be a perfect opportunity to focus on THE Father, God. Following is a wonderful piece written by Thomas Watson (1620-1686), taken from his exposition on the Lords prayer. I love his style of writing! In everything he writes there is such beauty and yet simplicity for a writer of his time. I highly recommend his works which can be found freely Here.

He is the best Father

Wherein does it appear that God is the best Father?

(1) In that he is most ancient. ‘The Ancient of days did sit.’ Dan 7: 9. A figurative representation of God, who was before all time, which may cause veneration.

(2) God is the best Father, because he is perfect. ‘Your Father which is in heaven is perfect;’ he is perfectly good. Matt 5: 48. Earthly fathers are subject to infirmities; Elias, though a prophet, ‘was a man subject to like passions’ (James 5: 17); but God is perfectly good. All the perfection we can arrive at in this life is sincerity. We may resemble God a little, but not equal him; he is infinitely perfect.God is a most wise Father

(3) God is the best Father in respect of wisdom. ‘The only wise God.’ 1 Tim 1: 17. He has a perfect idea of wisdom in himself; he knows the fittest means to bring about his own designs. The angels light at his lamp. In particular, one branch of his wisdom is, that he knows what is best for us. An earthly parent knows not, in some intricate cases, how to advise his child, or what may be best for him to do; but God is a most wise Father; he knows what is best for us; he knows what comfort is best for us: he keeps his cordials for fainting. ‘God that comforteth those that are cast down.’ 2 Cor 7: 6. He knows when affliction is best for us, and when it is fit to give a bitter potion. ‘If need be ye are in heaviness.’ 1 Pet 1: 6. He is the only wise God; he knows how to make evil things work for good to his children. Rom 8: 28. He can make a sovereign treacle of poison. Thus he is the best Father for wisdom.‘He will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love; he will joy over thee with singing.’

(4) He is the best Father, because the most loving. ‘God is love.’ 1 John 4: 16. He who causes bowels of affection in others, must needs have more bowels himself; quod efficit tale [for he accomplishes the same]. The affections in parents are but marble and adamant in comparison of God’s love to his children; he gives them the cream of his love — electing love, saving love. ‘He will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love; he will joy over thee with singing.’ Zeph 3: 17. No father like God for love; if thou art his child thou canst not love thy own soul so entirely as he loves thee.

(5) He is the best Father, for riches. He has land enough to give to all his children; he has unsearchable riches. Eph 3: 8. He gives the hidden manna, the tree of life, rivers of joy. He has treasures that cannot be exhausted, gates of pearl, pleasures that cannot be ended. If earthly fathers should be ever giving, they would have nothing left to give; but God is ever giving to his children, and yet has not the less. His riches are imparted not impaired; like the sun that still shines, and yet has not less light. He cannot be poor who is infinite. Thus he is the best Father; he gives more to his children than any father or prince can bestow.None of those who belong to the election are so roughcast and unhewn but God can polish them with his grace

(6) God is the best Father, because he can reform his children. When his son takes bad courses, a father knows not how to make him better; but God knows how to make the children of the election better: he can change their hearts. When Paul was breathing out persecution against the saints, God soon altered his course, and set him praying. ‘Behold, he prayeth.’ Acts 9: 11. None of those who belong to the election are so roughcast and unhewn but God can polish them with his grace, and make them fit for the inheritance.

(7) God is the best Father, because he never dies. ‘Who only has immortality.’ 1 Tim. 6: 16. Earthly fathers die, and their children are exposed to many injuries, but God lives for ever. ‘I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending.’ Rev 1: 8. God’s crown has no successors.


Wretched said…
I dig the layout!

I LOVE Thomas Watson!! Excellent choice!

We do have an incredible Dad. Where my earthly father failed me, my Heavenly Father was there to pick up the pieces.
Many times I poured out my pain and anger to my cat, Katie.
I know G-d sent her to me knowing what a comfort she would be to me. I'm not positive (a long time ago), but even when I held a knife in my hand contemplating suicide I think a thought that pass through my head was "no one will love Katie like me if I'm gone. I can't leave her alone".
Ultimately I think it was because I didn't want the pain because if I didn't do it right...man that would be so unkool... also I knew it would kill my mom. I couldn't do that to her.
I hope there are pets in heaven, even for just a bit, so I can see her again and thank G-d for her as I hold her and scratch her head.
Wow...I forgot how much she meant to me all those years. I know G-d put her in my life. I was amazed at how easily my parents let me have one. What an amazingly kind and wise Father.

Happy Father's day Dad.
Geraldine said…
Wretched, thank you so much for sharing. It's amazing to look back and see how God has worked so far in our lives. Fathers day reminded me how God by His amazing grace brought me through all my childhood years up to now. Looking back you can see why God put certain people/animals in our path and how they were used for His glory.
I longed to be close to my dad and no matter how much i tried to please him and show an interest in all the things he liked he always prefered my brother and took him with him on trips and spoiled him. My relationship with my parents now is completely different! We are a lot closer. But i think a lot of that is to do with being able to share in life experiences.
I guess for a while i thought i had to earn the Fathers love. But now i see how amazing His grace is and what a loving and wondeful wise God we serve. I long to know Him more each day.
Hey Wretched, i love Thomas Watson too. Have you read his exposition on the beatitudes? Sooo beautiful.
Wretched said…
Yeah it's amazing to see how things that happened to us in our lives led us to who we are now.
I'd like to watch my life with G-d narrating. "I felt your pain Bryan. But I allowed it because...." I might see an angel bringing my car to a stop before I hit a parked trailer trying to drive home on ice. Ya know...brakes don't help if the tires can't grip the road. Who knew?
I can't even begin to imagine the wonders we will experience in heaven. I feel similarly. I feel like since I'm not a Paul Washer I'm not doing enough to Him and there is no way I deserve heaven and blah blah..He's already saved me. He knew what I would and wouldn't do and saved me anyway. He's growing me daily and I just deserve hell imediately.
It's just unfathomable.
I haven't read Thomas Watson's exposition on the beatitudes. I'm slackin! "The Worst Things" from "A Divine Cordial" is my favorite. I have a reading of it in mp3 on my phone and during bad times I listen to it and it encourages me in so many ways.
Anonymous said…
This was a great read from Thomas Watson, thanks for sharing it Geraldine. How great our Father is!

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